About us

Vision - Mission - Passion

We, from weekview, believe that the life of every single person, i.e. every minute he lives, is valuable and irretrievable.

This is the source of the deep desire to recognise what is essential in our lives and how to put this into practice in our everyday life.

weekview develops and produces tools, especially calendars, planners and wall planners, that help people to design their lives in a meaningful and targeted way.  The user should keep track of all activities in his life, as well as in all areas of life and for his entire lifetime, and should not lose himself in the trivial.


Where does weekview's core competence lie?

weekview draws its concepts largely from the most widely read and millennia-old wisdom book of this world, the Bible. weekview assumes that the principles and instructions described there are still of the highest importance and function today, as they are well-tried and successfully tested by millions of people.

Thus, weekview was the first company in the world to make the paradigm shift from a daily and monthly calendar to a truly week-oriented schedule system, because the 7-day week occupies a prominent position in the Bible.

We want to appeal to all people - young and old, educated and less educated, strong and weak, talented and less gifted. By no means only the elite, but above all the ordinary people, who have little to do with time management and project planning. We believe that the way of life is much more about the choice of will than knowledge, courage, than talent, regardless of age or difficult circumstances.

In our vision we see people who have their lives in the focus. They know their personal mission in life and use their powers and gifts to achieve this goal.

Weak people who lack structure and the courage to live have a very special place in our vision. They should be enabled to grow beyond themselves and - to the amazement of many - achieve great things.

Our vision is also that project teams benefit from weekview by experiencing the weekly rhythm as performance-enhancing, but also burnout-preventing.

Our mission is to incorporate the weekview concept into a standard scheduling system so that it can be understood and used by everyone. Everyone should have more time for the essential things in life.

Our mission is to give this one day off during the week a very special meaning. Our life ends and begins with a day of rest and reflection. Thus the human being is not determined by work, but rather by restfulness.

Our mission is to make people happy by getting them out of the treadmill, out of the hamster wheel of everyday life and asking them again and again what is really important.

weekview is our passion, because it has changed our own life. And it remains exciting, because we are still learning. Our lives have become more conscious, more beautiful, more exciting, but less stressful, and more successful.

Our great passion is also that our planners work for a broad spectrum of users. That's why we will always remain learners and attentively listen when customers share their suggestions or criticism with us.

So we sincerely hope that our calendars are a help and support for your (life) plans.

We are very grateful for any suggestions and recommendations for improvement, but also for criticism. We will try to understand and implement your wishes.