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Language: English - "HELPS ME TO ORGANISE MYSELF OPTIMALLY" - A "12-month" calendar with an... mehr
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  • Language: English - "HELPS ME TO ORGANISE MYSELF OPTIMALLY" - A "12-month" calendar with an ingenious structure! The WEEK as a central planning unit: a clear orientation utilising numbering the week, keeping an eye on the essentials of the week through goals and ABC priorities, sufficient space for daily tasks and appointments, practical daily format (e.g. for shift work). A motivating, thought-provoking quote every week.
  • "GIVES ME STRUCTURE, LEAVES ME MY FREEDOM" - annual and quarterly goals, yearly overviews (current and following year) with enough writing space, project overview, monthly overviews with 6 columns allowing free use, annual and quarterly planning, 4 "mini diaries" for overview of quarters (tracker), annual reviews to question yourself, 2 timetables
  • WITH THE TRAILBLAZING "WEEKVIEW NOTE MANAGEMENT"! - Plenty of space for lists, sketches and notes (lined half and full-page, dotted, checked, alphabetical index, year tables)! A real pleasure for Bullet Journaling lovers: enormously flexible and adaptable! Discreet interior design, not cluttered with colour! Easy retrieval of records through the table of contents and #Hashtags methodology! Extendable with weekdori!
  • WITH GREAT ACCESSORIES! - Elastic band, 2 bookmarks, 12 x 18 cm (between A5 and A6), 366 well-thought-out stickers, self-adhesive pocket, pocket calendar.
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