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compact note | international 2018

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  • SW10090
"weekview" is a week on two pages, A/B/C priority oriented planning system. What makes this... mehr
Produktinformationen "compact note | international 2018"
  • "weekview" is a week on two pages, A/B/C priority oriented planning system. What makes this planner unique is it's:
  • quarterly planning sections • trackers for projects and or finances • project planning sections
  • a two-page spread to write down your 2018 goals • 64 pages for notes and your to-dos • 3-page index to help you have an overview of your
  • yearly overview 2018 + 2019 • stickers and a self-adhesive pocket for the side sleeve.

"weekview" compact is the perfect planner to hold all your day-to-day appointments and your project planning. It could also be used as a diary or as a memory keeper. Have all your business meetings and or parent-teacher notes in one place and never lose information again. Be the only parent who remembers what was said at the last session or has school activities dates at the ready. Take this planner with you to the doctors with all your symptoms and medicine tracked. Learn to avoid putting off tasks and to recognise what's important in your life, then prioritise your tasks and jump into action. "weekview" is the perfect planner if you want to try out the bullet journal system without having to draw everything out yourself. This planner was designed and made in Germany and uses high-quality materials. It is thread bound and has a hardcover in a timeless, sleek design. When opened this planner lays flat. It is printed in 2 colours black and a light blue.

"weekview" supports the group "Christliche Drogenarbeit München e.V." (Christian group in Munich which works with drug-addicted people), they help create jobs for people who would like to begin a new life.

Maße: 12 x 18 x 1 cm
Gewicht: 230g
Format: DIN A5 (klein)
Jahresübersicht: 2018, 2019
Navigation: 2 Lesebänder
Regelmäßige Aktivitäten: 2 x Stundenplan (gedreht) , 2x Stundenplan (gedreht)
Einsteckmöglichkeit: Dreieck
Jahresplanung: 2x Jahrestabellen (Monatsraster), 1x Timeline (Wochenraster)
Listen: 12 Seiten (davon 16 halbseitige und 4 ganzseitige Listen), 4 Seiten (2 Tabellen)
Notizen: 46 Seiten (30 Seiten kariert, 16 Seiten gepunktet)
Notizenmanagement: mit 3 Seiten Index
Modell: international
Gummilitze: ja
Projekte: 2 Seiten (davon 1 Projekt von Jan bin Dez)
Sticker: 1x Sticker S
Typ: compact note
Seitenzahl: 224
Tafelplaner: ja
Jahr: 2018
Papier: 70g Offsetpapier
Jahresrückblick: 2 Seiten
Kontakte: 4 halbe Seiten (im Listenbereich enthalten)
Quartal beobachten: 1 Doppelseite je Quartal
Quartal planen: 1 Doppelseite je Quartal + Q1 2019
Cover: runde Coverecken
Zeitraum: Jan - Dez 2018
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