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DPI (Digital Planning Interactive) with PDF´s is becoming more and more popular, therefore we... more
Product information "PDF Version (for Apps) | Business 2020 international | with links"
  • DPI (Digital Planning Interactive) with PDF´s is becoming more and more popular, therefore we decided to offer the weekview time management also digitally. The digital PDF can also be used as an addition for offline calendars.
  • The special thing about the new version is that it comes with links and thus allows quick navigation with the help of the digital weekview tabs.
  • The weekview time schedule concept allows you to optimally organize your life and work routine. Excellent overview of short, medium and long-term tasks, deadlines, priorities and goals. The right place for all kinds of information. Write notes and find them again with the weekview note management. Business tools for structuring and monitoring projects
  • One week on one double page. Weekly goals and priorities, appointments with a time of 8-21 o'clock, daily tasks, outlook on the next four weeks, space for +/- reflection, lots of space for notes, inspiring quote. One page per month day-oriented with 6 columns, one page topic-oriented (business tools).
  • To define, plan and implement goals: Annual targets, quarterly targets, quarterly overview for medium-term planning on a weekly and monthly basis. Quarterly journal to record activities, special events and key topics. Record progress, learning and working times. Annual review for self-reflection.
  • 20 self-definable lists with index, half-page, full-page, 14-column tables for annual overviews. 42 note pages for notes and protocol, chequered and blank with dots. + Annual overview 2020, 2021 and 2022, holidays, time zone map.
  • The well-thought-out and clear layout of the planner brings structure, clarity and order into life and work. The 7-day week as the main organisational unit supports the user in focusing on the essentials and staying on course week after week without neglecting relaxation. The note management relieves the brain by storing and retrieving all kinds of information in the right place.
  • GoodNotes 4 is a very good app for IOS users. For all Android users we recommend Xodo, but any other PDF editing program can also be used.
  • For all who want to work with DPI on their PC, we can recommend Xodo PDF Reader & Editor. You can install it via the following link https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/xodo-pdf-reader-editor/9wzdncrdjxp4?activetab=pivot:overviewtab

Of course there is much more software available for Android users. It's probably also a matter of taste which one prefers to use. Here are a few more possibilities
PDF-XChange Editor, Adobe Acrobat DC.


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