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Pilot Frixion Ball LX - Blue Pilot Frixion Ball LX - Blue
Innovative ink writing in a noble new metal case. Included with concealed eraser. The ink disappears at temperatures above 65°C degrees Celsius (triggered by frictional heat with the rubber tip of Frixion). This also makes it possible to...
€24.95 *
weekview Sticker S weekview Sticker S
• 3 sheets of 216 (648) organisational stickers to use in your "weekview" planner or anywhere • These stickers are big enough to be seen but small enough to not take up too much space in your yearly overview or on your weekly planning...
€5.00 *
weekview Tabs | international weekview Tabs | international
Self-adhesive tabs 1x sticker S + 1x sticker M
€5.50 *
compact add-on set compact add-on set
Self-adhesive pocket in grey, suitable for all weekview compact models (12x18 cm), Pen loop in black 1x sticker S + 1x sticker M Self-adhesive tabs
€8.50 *
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